Finding the Best Probate Lawyer in New York City

Are you looking for a probate lawyer in New York City? If so, you're in luck. There are many experienced and knowledgeable attorneys in the area who can help you with your estate planning and administration needs. From preparing estate tax returns to managing trusts and wills, these lawyers can provide the guidance and support you need. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the best probate lawyers in New York City. Bouklas & Associates PLLC is a law firm that works with clients in New York City to help them with their estate concerns.

They can assist with each stage of estate or estate administration, including preparing estate tax returns, collecting assets, paying debts, and distributing assets to heirs. They also represent clients in inheritance tax audits and perform post-mortem planning. Managing Partner Philip Bouklas offers his services to traditional and non-traditional families. Chaves Perlowitz Luftig LLP is a law firm that serves clients who are looking to protect their assets with a strategic wealth plan. They employ several estate planning tools, including powers of attorney, wills, and trusts to protect their clients' legacies.

Their lawyers guide clients through the probate process, which includes filing required documents with the court, evaluating estate assets, and notifying creditors. They are also responsible for settling the debts of the estate and distributing the assets. Greenberg & Wilner is a law office that provides legal advice to individuals, families, and businesses in the New York City area. They offer estate planning and administration services, which cover various documents such as powers of attorney and living wills. These cater to seniors and customers with older parents.

The firm also handles civil litigation and personal injury cases. Katzner Law Group PC is an estate planning and estate law firm serving clients in the New York metropolitan area. Their lawyers work with those who have recently lost a loved one to help them navigate the probate process. This includes providing assistance in matters such as locating and evaluating assets, settling debts, and distributing assets to the intended or legal beneficiaries of the deceased. Other practice areas include estate and trust management as well as Medicaid planning. Lamson & Cutner, P.

C. has been providing legal services since 1984. The firm handles cases related to the probate process and assists executors with matters such as asset identification and valuation as well as debt management. They also provide Medicaid planning services and help families caring for people with disabilities qualify loved ones for government benefits. David Cutner, one of their top lawyers, is also fluent in French. The Law Office of Inna Fershteyn & Associates PC serves the needs of clients with probate issues in New York.

Fershteyn has more than two decades of experience in the legal field. The practice is well-versed in all matters related to the probate court, including protests and contests that may arise after the death of a loved one. In addition to probate assistance, they offer assistance with wills and trusts, estate planning, asset protection, Medicaid planning, and elder law matters. The Law Offices of Barry E. Janay handles a variety of legal cases in New York City.

Their practice areas cover business law, bankruptcy, commercial aviation, and wills and trusts. Their attorneys handle probate and administration procedures both in-state and out-of-state. They gather forms and obtain documents such as exemptions and affidavits. The Law Offices of John Chang is a general practice firm that has been helping clients in New York City for more than 30 years. They provide counseling and representation services for individuals dealing with legal matters involving probate litigation, estate planning, and trust administration.

They also help customers perform other tasks such as performing commercial lease analysis, obtaining liquor licensing, and forming business entities. The Law Offices of Juliet Cohen PLLC helps clients navigate the probate law process by helping them file a petition to open and close the estate. The firm handles matters related to the distribution or inventory of assets, the administration of assets and wills, setting up financial accounts for payment in the event of death, and provisions. They also deal with asset protection disputes and special needs planning. The Law Offices of Roman Aminov is an individual practice founded by Mr Aminov who is an estate planning trust and probate attorney in New York City. He has experience guiding executors through the legal needs of proving a will organizing an administrator in cases where there is no will as well as helping with practical issues such as collecting the estate.

Attorney Aminov is a member of both the New York State Bar Association as well as the Queens Jewish Community Council. The Law Offices of Stephen Bilkis & Associates provides legal advice and representation in probate cases to New York City residents. They also provide advice to clients with family law concerns such as divorce child custody visitation rights child support alimony spousal support prenuptial agreements postnuptial agreements adoption guardianship orders paternity orders grandparent visitation rights domestic violence orders orders of protection name changes annulments separation agreements division of property division of debt division of retirement accounts division of pensions division of military benefits division of veterans benefits division of Social Security benefits division of disability benefits division of workers compensation benefits division of unemployment benefits division of stock options division of stock options division of stock options division of stock options division of stock options division of stock options division of stock options division of stock options division of stock options division of stock options division of stock options division of stock options division of stock options division of stock options division of stock options division of stock options division of stock options division of stock options division of stock options.

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